Best Beard Trimmer and Shaper For New Beard Look in 2020

Best Beard Trimmer and Shaper For New Beard Look in 2020

Best Beard Trimmer and Shaper For Daily New Beard Look

Choosing the right type of Best Beard Trimmer and Shaper For New Beard Look for the groom will give the user an elegant look. You can try a new beard look after every time with providing an excellent quality facial beard. The primary purpose of the best beard trimmer and shaper is to ensure that your facial beard will always give you a new beard look professionally.

If you are buying a best beard trimmer and shaper for the first time, then you need to check the points below as to what is a beard trimmer, what are the different types of cordless beard trimmer, which beard trimmer, advantages of trimmer in short, along with knowing a ultimate trimmer buying guide Brand and Price.

  • The most important factor to consider before purchasing a best beard trimmer and shaper is to know what type of facial hair you have.
  • The rotary shaver here is equipped with two or three revolving heads, while the foyer shaver is equipped with razor blades with protective foil.
  • The brand is very important when it comes to buying essential goods.
  • Some of the well-known brands are Philips, Nova, Syska and many more, which offer budget-friendly products.

Philips Fusion Proshield Blades Trimmer

The Philips Fusion Proshield Blades Trimmer (QT3310 / 15) is one of the best trimmer for men in India in 2020. Philips Fusion Proshield Blades Trimmer comes with a reasonable price and superb packaging on top of other Philips best beard trimmer and shaper in the market. Along with the box, you’ll get a user manual, warranty card, a small microUSB and a small brush to clean the blade.

But the only difference is in size and quality. This Philips Fusion Proshield Blades Trimmer is the best and comes with less vibration. Noise is very low depending on the price range. With this feature, we can say, this Philips Fusion Proshield Blades has become comfortable for regular use, and you will not find any problems in designing and manufacturing the product.

Fusion Proshield Blades
Fusion Proshield Blades

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Philips Fusion Proshield Blades Trimmer Features

    Design and comfort: If we look at the design of the Philips Fusion Proshield Blades Trimmer, it looks very classy and stylish. Additionally, Philips Fusion Proshield Blades comes with black and green color to give an attractive look. This trimmer is slim, compact and light-weight weighing only 112 grams.

    Performance: The Philips Fusion Proshield Blades Trimmer comes with a length installation of 1 mm to 10 mm. It can be changed easily with the help of a wheel. In addition, it helps give a clean shave, trims up to 0.5 mm, and uses a trimmer without combing.

    Quality: Philips Fusion Proshield Blades comes with stainless steel and a sharp blade, but there is no need to worry about sharpness as the blade has round tips that will not irritate your skin. Overall, Philips Fusion Proshield Blades Trimmer is a skin-friendly trimmer that can be used in any part of the body. Keep in mind that the trimmer is not waterproof and can be easily cleaned with tap water.

    Battery: If we talk about battery, Philips Fusion Proshield Blades Trimmer can be used for 30 minutes after charging 8 hours. The green light will show a charging signal and will look great.

Nova Sensor Razor Blades Cordless Beard Trimmer

Nova Sensor Razor Blades Cordless Beard Trimmer is powered by unique technology to give a clean trim without harming or damaging your skin. Not only that, but the Nova Sensor Razor Blades trimmer comes with an astonishing value and amazing aesthetic experience in the home. Additionally, best beard trimmer and shaper comes with several attachments such as a stainless-steel Sensor Razor Blades and a free-floating head that protects you from a shabby look and damages your skin.

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Nova Sensor Razor Blades Cordless Beard Trimmer Features

    Ergonomic Design: The Nova Sensor Razor Blades Cordless Beard Trimmer’s design is unique and easy to hold. This can help trim those difficult areas by giving you easier trimming. In addition, parts of the trimmer can be easily disassembled and washed. So, one has to attach it back to the instrument.

    Skin-friendly performance: Nova Sensor Razor Blades Trimmer comes with a sharp blade that can effectively cut hair from anywhere. The sensor razor blades are round, which prevents irritation and reaches any part of your body.

    Battery Capacity: The range of this Nova Sensor Razor Blades Trimmer is 0.25 -9 mm, where the battery lasts 30 minutes long. The best beard trimmer and shaper is convenient while using and can be recharged whenever necessary. Densor razor blades trimmer comes with a fast charging speed and can be used for body grooming, beards and mustaches.

    In-the-box: The box contains 1 trimmer, two chips, a rechargeable battery, a wire cord for charging, a cleaning brush, a travel pouch, a lubricating oil, and a user manual.

Syska Solo Beard Trimmer

Sometimes all you need is a multi-grooming kit that comes with a great option and a cordless beard trimmer. This Syska Solo Beard Trimmer is truly a time saver and complements every beard trimming by giving a flawless style.

This Syska Solo Beard Trimmer model can act as a complete shaving beard, trim and maintain your facial beard, clip your head hair or facial beard, grooming your ear and nose hair And can give a fantastic mustache and sideburns.

Solo Beard Trimmer
Solo Beard Trimmer

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Syska Solo Beard Trimmer Features

    Design: The design of the Syska Solo Beard Trimmer seems straightforward, where you can easily switch off the switch. Typically, this depends on how you hold the trimmer while accidentally turning the trimmer on or off. You will find 2 LED indicators where one is the battery indicator and the other is for the battery.

    Trimmer and Shaver: Can use foil shaver, body groomer, beard trimmer and precision trimmer. The blades of the Syska Solo Beard Trimmer are very sharp and do not require any replacement. It is not waterproof, but it comes with a washable head.

    trimmer head: Removing and attaching the comb can be a bit cumbersome. This Solo Beard Trimmer gives you the feeling that you can remove the comb completely and expose the trimming head that can be used in trimming the head. Note that you do not use a blade that meets your skin directly to avoid discomfort.

    Trimmer performance: The foil shaving head will give you a clean shave, but it is highly recommended for trimming your headfirst and then shaving it clean. The Syska Solo Beard Trimmer and shaver will use for both wet and dry shaving, so you can apply directly to the shaving form or cream to work well.

    Body performance: We can call it the Bikini Groomer, which adjusts with five different levels. It can be used in sensitive areas such as armpits, inner thighs, waist, in cleaning the hair of the hands, feet and chest. Thinking a beard with amazing results can be used to thin it.

    Accurate performance: The Syska Solo Beard Trimmer can be used to find out the exact locations and style your mustache, eyebrows, and your sideburns. Here, we would highly recommend the perfect mirror that will help give you a great shape as you were looking.

    Battery shaver life: This is one of the most important aspects where your trimmer should charge at high speeds. The Syska Solo Beard Trimmer comes with a well-equipped charging point, which comes with 50 minutes of usage.

    In the box: a cleaning brush, body groomer attachment, ear and nose trimmer, comb, beard clipping, and a precision trimmer attachment.

How to use cordless beard trimmer?

For men, the facial beard represents manhood. It is a natural process where hair grows in various manners such as a short beard, full beard, blue beard and five O-clock shadows. The way to trim the beard.

Step 1: Over-All Trim

First of all, you need to wash and dry your facial beard and. Later, trim your beard from all sides and start from the direction of the hair grown. Repeat this to remove excess hair and until you find the length to your liking.

Step 2: Neckline

Define to get a perfect beard neckline, you need to place your finger horizontally and then trim it vertically down the line. Do more work on the jaw on one side and then return to the center to work the other way.

Step 3: Follow through the beard

You need to grab the best beard trimmer and shaper and then shave it off all the trimmed hair under the neck.

Step 4: Choose your cheek line

If you think you are happy with the current cheek line, then leave it as it is. Or you can give a crisp appearance with a straight or slightly rounded edge under your sideburns. Reduce the cheek line, give you a new beard look.

Step 5: Shape your mustache hair

Trim your facial beard to the same length as your beard, and you can leave it a little longer to make it stand out more. You need to keep your mustache clean and trim down without using the trimmer and make a 1 mm clear line above the lips.

What are the different types of trimmer available?

Despite a power source, a cordless beard trimmer operates on a battery, where the battery is charged and used effectively.

Which beard trimmer you should buy?

Spontaneous Trim Use best beard trimmer and shaper to give a stubble look with a new lift and trim the comb blade to make a uniform cut.

Stainless Steel Blade Get a protective trim time after time using stainless steel blades. Make your trim sharp with ease.

Durapower Technology Now use Dura technology for longer battery life and protect the motor from overloading.

lock-in length setting trimmer comes with a zoom wheel, which allows you to choose the best exact length you need to trim.

Frequently asked questions about trimmer for men in India

Best Beard Trimmer and Shaper For New Beard Look in 2020

1. What is cordless beard trimmer?

The cordless beard trimmer is an electrical gadget where you can give your beard different styles and shapes with a unique movement of length classification. The trimmer is attached to a powerful blade.

2. Can I use best beard trimmer and shaper on the armpit and body?

This is the most commonly asked question by users. Before answering this question, one should keep in mind that a cordless beard trimmer will never clean shave, something will remain forged. So, to create a clean and smooth armpit, you should use shaving cream and razor.

However, if you want to use for body and pubic hair, then you should always use scissors first. If the hair is too long, this trimmer can roll over the blade and block the same. Use small trimmer guards for quick results, and for better results, remove the guard at all. But be more careful because the skin can cut through the blade.

3. How to handle my cordless beard trimmer?

The beard trimmer is very easy to use because it holds hands. Likewise, cleaning and caring is also very simple. The only thing you need is to rinse thoroughly on the running tap and install it back after it dries. Some cordless beard trimmer require lubrication, which is applied to the blade to make it work smoothly.

4. What are the things to keep in mind before buying cordless beard trimmer?

There are many things to consider when searching for a best beard trimmer and shaper. In the market, you will find different types of trimmer from cord to cordless and will come with different configurations. Thinks to be considered   

     Versatility: Check the use of a beard trimmer before purchasing it. The beard trimmer comes with multi-use and allows you to trim your beard and body.

    Corded / Cordless: It is very essential that you understand the lifespan of each of the trimmer as cordless is more beneficial than corded. Codeless are usually wireless and operate on batteries.

    Attachments: Many trimmers come with accessories where various adjustments make it possible to achieve the look.

    Beard Length: Choose the trimmer in such a way that it meets your stubble, short and medium elements requirement.

    Wet and Dry Use: You will find many top trimmers that use trimmer for both moist and dry trimming. Therefore, it is necessary to use beards, creams and forms to give a more comfortable, clean surface.

5. What is the correct way to use electric shaver? How does it differ from trimmer?

We will find several approaches to figure out the right way to use the trimmer to make the most of your shaving experience. Follow this step-by-step guide to understand how a trimmer works.

    Step 1: To have a dry shave, first of all, you need to make sure that your facial beard is not too long. Long and long hair causes an uncomfortable shave and skin irritation. Also, you can do a job that is trim first and then a stubble look.

    Step 2: Use the right angle, which grows against the direction of your facial beard using it spherically. This will reduce your time and skin itching.

    Step 3: If you want to go for wet shaving, wash your face with a cleanser and warm water to soften hair and get rid of excess oil. In addition, you can add alcohol-based shaving products to achieve dry skin. You can apply baby powder regularly to make the skin soft.

    Step 4: Massage your facial beard with some gel / foam and leave it for 5 minutes before shaving. This will allow you to have a thicker lining to soften your skin.

    Step 5: Remember to use the hand to slightly stretch and tighten the skin, so the hair stands upright for a clean cut. Never apply extensive pressure with a electric shaver with beard trimmer as it will spoil your skin. Use the cream in a round form, therefore, to provide a close shave without the risk of nicks and cuts.

    Step 6: You first need to deal with the neck area as it generates more heat. Shape the more fragile part where more temperature is applied. Avoid visiting the same components again and again where minimal heat is produced.

    Step 7: Make sure the electric shaver with beard trimmer has an efficient charge as the gel and foam make the skin more resistant.

    Step 8: Clean the electric shaver with beard trimmer after use as it is the important part that should be selected.

6. What are the dos to maintain beard?

  • Wash your beard frequently
  • Keep a tightly trimmed neckline
  • Give a stitch some tlc

7. What is not to maintain a beard?

  • Do not wait long to clean your trimmer
  • Don’t be impatient with the process

8. What is the purpose of trimming?

In the facial beard, there are a lot of healthy bacteria under the beard, which later causes acne and results in a poor skin condition.

9. Is Mi Beard Trimmer Better Than Other Trimmer?

The Mi trimmer comes with a modern design and stainless-steel blades, making it ideal for both cordless as well as corded. The product is quite flexible to use and gives a smooth regulated face type. But the only cons are that it comes with full tooth gaps and poor handling issues. The rest, everything worked.

10. Is it beneficial to use a beard serum?

You can find many beard oils online, which keeps your skin soft and looks radiant in any tough situation. This beard serum comes with a fast-absorbing formula, which helps in instant hydration to nourish the skin, which is hidden under the bush.

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