Best Gym Mats For Home Gym in India 2020

In today’s time, everyone has recognized the importance of yoga and Best Gym Mats For Home Gym. Many people get information about yoga through internet.

Best Gym Mats For Home Gym

The posture on which we practice premium yoga is called basic yoga mat. There are many types of basic yoga mat in the market, like floating fitness mat, premium yoga, non slip exercise mat for insanity, supreme workout mat, 1.5 mm yoga mat, portable exercise mat, best exercise mat for concrete floor, best workout floor mats, basic yoga mat, professional exercise mats, in such a situation everyone is confused about what kind of mats they should use. So, in today’s article, we know some important information related to Best Gym Mats For Home Gym.

Best Gym Mats For Home Gym

Floating Fitness Mat

Floating Fitness Mat Anti Skid Yogamat is consider as best workout floor mats. Floating Fitness Mat is the best selling yoga mats of all brands available online, you can easily use it for yoga, meditation, physical strength exercises and pilates. If you read the customer review carefully, you will understand that the people who have purchased this Floating Fitness Mat are happy with the products.

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  • Floating Fitness Mat products are available in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm.
  • The same company claims that its premium yoga mat is very light and also this is for non slip exercise mat for insanity.
  • This premium yoga have been designed in such a way that the consumer can get maximum comfort.
  • You can wash this Floating Fitness Mat, according to the company, it does not affect any kind of sweat, moisture. The same mats can be used easily at any place.
  • You can use both ways.
  • In terms of product usage, Different is good, but one problem seen in it is that it smells of material for 3-4 days.

Supreme Workout Mat

Supreme Workout Mat is a best exercise mat for concrete floor and All Purpose Anti-Slip Workout Mat. The Supreme Workout Mat is useful for all types of exercises, yoga, meditation and pilates. The company claims that their product is a toxic free product, with the mattes made 1.5 mm yoga mat thick, so that you can last longer. There is no problem in sitting till.

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  • The Supreme Workout Mat is designed to be an additional 1.5 mm yoga mat thick, so that you can get comfort.
  • MATS is toxic and 6P free, such as DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP.
  • This portable exercise mat is good for fitness as well as health.
  • This Supreme Workout Mat also has anti slip feature, plus you can use it from both sides.
  • In addition, you are given a belt to carry mats.
  • One thing that is understood about this product from the review part is that there is doubt about its water resistance.

Portable Exercise Mat

Portable Exercise Mat is the one of the best exercise mat for concrete floor. Portable Exercise Mat have EVA material, which is why the portable exercise mat company claims that their products are of high quality. The same company makes these mats 1.5 mm yoga mat thicker, so that how you face pain while doing yoga or meditation. The 1.5 mm yoga mat is water resistant and is easily washable, as it has the same anti-slip feature, you can use it from both sides.

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  • The premium yoga mats have little chance of breaking anti-tearing.
  • You will be able to use it at any kind of place, as it does not slip.
  • The stronger the product, the lighter it is.
  • Along with the Portable Exercise Mat, you also get a carry belt and a free carry bag.
  • Portable Exercise Mat Can be washed easily
  • The 1.5 mm yoga mat is available in Different colors.
  • The brand has mentioned in its product feature that there is no or no toxic.

Basic Yoga Mat

Basic Yoga Mat is one the best exercise mat for concrete floor. According to the company, these Basic Yoga Mat are great for yoga, meditation gymnastics, core training, sit ups, push ups, stretching. Can also be used for sleeping at camp. The product is not made with any kind of toxic chemical.

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  • Basic Yoga Mat claims that their product is odor free.
  • Their best gym mats for home gym are available in thickness from 10mm to 15mm.
  • The Basic Yoga Mat does not deteriorate even due to water.
  • Freedom from any kind of damage.
  • The Basic Yoga Mat provides carry bags for free.
  • Due to non-use of any kind of chemical-rich state, it is toxic free.
  • It is likely to slip.

Professional Exercise Mats

Professional Exercise Mats made of NBR material which is stay firmly at place and considered as The best gym mats for home gym. Many people know about Professional Exercise Mats company, this company makes good products like sports kits, sports tshirts and sports shoes apart from mats (yoga mat). Like all other company’s mats, it is also used comfortably. This Professional Exercise Mats meets the standards of good quality.

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  • Talking about the Professional Exercise Mats feature of the company, it does not slip even on smooth spaces.
  • The best gym mats for home gym is of good quality, toxic free.
  • The edges in these mats are round, so that they do not break from the edges.
  • Due to the length of the mat, you may find the width of the mat to be less.

Importance of Best Gym Mats for Home Gym

There is a question in the mind of many people who start yoga, is it necessary to use professional exercise mats while doing premium yoga? If you ask a yoga expert about this, their answer will be that if you are doing premium yoga then you can fall and you may get hurt.

In this case, if you have kept a thick and non slip exercise mat for insanity, it helps to protect you from any kind of injury.

How did supreme workout mat start?

If we talk about the old times, then yogis had practiced premium yoga by going to a place with water, rocks, mountains etc. to do yoga.

But now people have started practicing premium yoga in homes, in the city itself.

Why should you use professional exercise mats?

Basically mat acts as a cushion which not only provides support for the use of rugs but also prevents injuries.

Raw silk yoga mat is best exercise mat for concrete floor

This is best gym mats for home gym.

Before Buying Guide Professional Exercise Mats

Matte thickness

The thickness should not exceed 1.5 mm yoga mat.

Eco friendly

It is better if the environment is taken care of in every small thing. You can Google the options of Eco Friendly Mate.

Try before buying

If there is an option to try yoga mats before buying, then everything should be purchased only after trying. Get tips from your friends before going to the market. Take some of their mats and try them on.

Be comfortable in carrying

If you travel a lot, it is better to buy a mat that is easy to carry. Take a carry bag with it so that there is no problem in moving it around.

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