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Best Portable Electric Toothbrush in India 2020

Top 4 Best Portable Electric Toothbrush in India 2020

In this rapidly changing modern era, things are changing very fast and with the help of machine hours of work is being completed in minutes. In today’s electronic age, Portable Electric Toothbrush is also designed to help humans. By the way, it does not take much time to clean even with a plain brush. However, some people believe that the Portable Electric Toothbrush (Electric Tooth Brush) gives good oral care.

Actually, the battery-operated electric brush is helpful in cleaning around the inside of the mouth, which is considered to be better than the ordinary brush and there is a considerable difference in the design of both brushes (electric brush and normal brush).

Advantages of  Portable Electric Toothbrush

  • Electric brush is better for the elderly who are unable to brush properly.
  • Even for diabetic patients, electric brush helps in cleaning teeth and keeping the mouth clean.
  • Due to the timer in the electric brush, it cleans the teeth for a set time.
  • By its regular use, teeth remain clean and white.
  • The texture of electric brushes does not harm the mouth and the brushes are so soft that they also clean small gaps of teeth.
  • Gum problems can also be reduced with its use.
  • There is also a mild massage of the gums while brushing with an electric brush, which helps in maintaining the blood circulation of the gums.
  • It works faster than normal brush.

Portable Electric Toothbrush is easy to use but requires special attention and it is also expensive compared to normal brush. The electric brush runs on the battery so it needs to be changed from time to time. According to experts, the electric brush should be replaced every three months.

1. Oral B Rotary Toothbrush

Oral B Rotary Toothbrush
Best Portable Electric Toothbrush in India 2020
Oral B Rotary Toothbrush

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Our first chosen product is Oral B Rotary Toothbrush from a brand known for manufacturing amazing dental products, Oral B. The Oral B Rotary Toothbrush is a product that offers amazing features and many functionalities such as dual cleaning action, rotating-oscillation. Strength, and criss-cross bristles.

When we were trying the Oral B Rotary Toothbrush, we found that it comes with a better 3D cleaning action that works faster to remove plaque than any normal toothbrush.

We also saw, Oral B Rotary Toothbrush gently stimulates the gums which is great for people with sensitive teeth. There is a pressure sensor feature, which warns us of extra pressure.

This gum helps prevent bleeding. Our team also saw a two-minute timer, indicating to you every 30 seconds that it was time to brush up the next set.

Oral B Rotary Toothbrush Features

  • Good battery life.
  • Two- Cleaning work.
  • Comes with a timer.
  • It has a pressure sensor.
  • It is shock proof.

2. JSB Best Electric Dental Brush

Best Electric Dental Brush
Best Electric Dental Brush

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The JSB Best Electric Dental Brush is a great buy for those for whom budget is a concern. It comes with a long life rechargeable battery and automatic bristle speeds. The JSB Best Electric Dental Brush comes with amazing features like LED indicators, variable heads, and high-tech hidden panels at this price point. The brushes are soft and do not hurt you while brushing.

While trying out the product, we found that JSB Best Electric Dental Brush has a two-minute auto timer which ensures that you consult a dentist within 2 minutes of brushing. It also has a 30-second buzzer that points you to change your brushing section.

We also found that working speed is forward and backward which is also beneficial for deep cleaning and specific cleaning. However, we think the handle could have been a bit better but looking at the budget, it works really well. JSB Best Electric Dental Brush comes with a warranty period of one year on manufacturing defects.

JSB Best Electric Dental Brush Features

  • Dual type cleaning.
  • A two-minute timer is present.
  • Deep cleaning.
  • Best Budget Electric Toothbrush

3. Oral B The Best Power Toothbrush

The Best Power Toothbrush
The Best Power Toothbrush

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Oral B The Best Power Toothbrush is yet another electric toothbrush from cross action brand Oral B. Oral B The Best Power Toothbrush is battery powered and comes with some features like mounting the power head and the criss-cross bristles.

It is not as great as the other two oral B products mentioned above, but it does a good job in killing germs. Crisp cross bristles help replenish the gums and clean every corner of the teeth effectively.

When we were trying out this product, we noticed that the grip of the handle is soft and comfortable to hold. The rotating power head removes the gum line of its teeth and the plaque from the back.

As a result, it is also good for deep cleaning. Oral B The Best Power Toothbrush works well as a basic level electric toothbrush that comes with a 2-year warranty. Minimal vibration protects your mouth from bleeding while you exert any additional pressure.

Oral B The Best Power Toothbrush Features

  • easy to use.
  • Good handle grip.

4. Colgate Power Battery Toothbrush

Colgate Power Battery Toothbrush
Colgate Power Battery Toothbrush

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The Colgate Power Battery Toothbrush comes with 2 x AAA batteries. Colgate Power Battery Toothbrush has a large and gigantic handle which can be an ideal option for those who feel uncomfortable keeping small things.

While trying out the product, we found that Colgate Power Battery Toothbrush has a replaceable head that makes it easy to use and clean. There is no need to change the whole body. The bristles are charcoal infused that produce 1000 ° C high temperature technology.

Colgate Power Battery Toothbrush is beneficial in deep cleaning of teeth and gums line. It is ultra-soft in nature and is recommended for children. However, we found it unfair to not offer built-in timers at this price point.

Colgate Power Battery Toothbrush Features

  • Good handle grip.
  • Great electric toothbrush for children.
  • Comes with two head brushes.
Keep these things in mind when using an Portable Electric Toothbrush
  • Whether or not electric brushes are adjusting in your hands.
  • You are not facing any problem due to using electric brush. For example, there is no injury to the mouth or teeth.
  • Its design and use is different from other brushes available in the market, so understand its use properly.
  • If there is any problem in using electric brush, then use normal brush only.
What does the study say on the use of  Portable Electric Toothbrush?

In a study conducted by the Dental Health Organization, it has been claimed that such Portable Electric Toothbrush are many times better than ordinary tooth brushes. Portable Electric Toothbrush clean teeth and gums much more than ordinary tooth brushes. Researchers included people using electric toothbrushes and ordinary tooth brushes in their studies. In which he found that people who use electric brush for teeth cleaning have their teeth and gums many times healthier than those who do normal brushing. Apart from this, the risk of common dental problems was also less among those who used electric brush.

Oral Health Foundation Chief Executive Dr. Nigel Carter OBE believes that this study shows what smaller studies had previously suggested. He says that health care has been telling people about the benefits of electric brushes for the last several years. However, now his new talk has also proved that Portable Electric Toothbrush is many times better than ordinary brush. He claims that the electric brush cleans teeth and gums well from every direction. It can also clean the area of ​​the mouth, which is not accessible by ordinary brush. With this help, the problem of tooth decay or bleeding from the gums can be relieved.

Electric brush usage has also increased

The study also claimed that once those who start using Portable Electric Toothbrush have little idea about the reuse of normal brushes in the future. 49 percent of the entire population has started using electric brushes. Not only this, he also found many people in the study who say that he got the electric bus as a gift. However, after using it, he noticed a change in the health of teeth and gums.

Take care of these things as well

Dr. Nigel Carter, Shamis in the study, states that, “It is important that you currently use Portable Electric Toothbrush, but even more important is that you continue to follow a good oral health routine. Whether you use an electric brush or an ordinary brush, always brush with fluoride-containing toothpaste and try to brush at least twice a day. Also, use floss regularly once a day.

Portable Electric Toothbrush is a better option for keeping teeth and gums healthy but it is not the case that normal brushes should be discontinued. But keep in mind that you should consult the dentist and understand the information given by them and follow them.


1. Which is the cheapest electric toothbrush in India?

JSB Best Electric Dental Brush is the cheapest electric toothbrush in India

2. Is SonicRay better than Oral B?

The basic difference between the two is that SonicRay has a circular bursch head and Oral B has a round shape. Oral B uses rotary motion while Philips uses Sonic. All this makes Oral-B a more maneuver toothbrush.

3. How long should the Portable Electric Toothbrush last?

An Portable Electric Toothbrush lasts for about 3-5 years.

4. Why are electric toothbrushes expensive?

They are expensive because they provide 6000 to 30000 strokes a minute compared to a normal toothbrush with which you can barely reach 50 strokes or minutes.

5. Can an electric toothbrush harm your gum?

No, an Portable Electric Toothbrush when used properly does not harm your gums or enamel, but rather promotes oral health.

6. Is this ana electric toothbrush worth buying?

Certainly it is, the cleaning done by the Portable Electric Toothbrush is incomparable to manual people. If you use them regularly then you can avoid tooth decay, plaque and gum disease.


You need to consider all the factors, if not at least your needs and budget. However, we recommend you to go through our buying guide to have a better understanding of the product.

We suggest that you check out our list of top Portable Electric Toothbrush and choose the one that suits your needs. A good quality toothbrush will ensure that there are no further dental problems. We assure you of good quality and durable products. happy shopping!

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