Aquaguard Water Purifier 10 Liters

Aquaguard Water Purifier 10 Liters Device features

  • RO, UV, UF Water Filters
  • High quality pre filter
  • Big power full booster pump
  • Attractive design
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Aquaguard Water Purifier 10 Liters

AquaGuard’s water filter is a great tool. It uses RO, UV UF and TDS technology. This filter is available with a 10 liter capacity. The company has launched it in two colors Black and White. The membrane of reverse osmosis is of very high quality. It can also prevent even the smallest particle of impurities. It is also a life. The company has used a big and power full booster pump in it. Due to which the water is cleaned at a fast speed. The UV technology’s infrared lamp very effectively eliminates water germs. The TDS of this device can be maintained. You can get pure water ranging from 25 to 150 TDS according to your need. The company is giving one year warranty on this great machine. Purchase advice: This Mineral Enhancer filter of the company is a complete water filter. Its pre filter is also impressive. Mega Fresh Water Filter removes visible impurities already. It is a must that there is lot of wastage of water in it. It takes about 60 to 80 liters of water to get 10 liters of pure water. But given the quality and performance of the equipment, it must be purchased. The storage water greaser is an essential tool for the larger family. It is useful for at least 8 months in a year. Read for information, Best storage water geyser in india.  


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