Prestige Best Utility Set With Wooden Block 2020

Prestige Best Utility Set With Wooden Block

  • All knives come with tempered steel blades to stay rust-free.
  • Help for easy, smooth and hassle free cutting.
  • Contour molded handles for a firm grip.
  • Comes with a wooden block to store the knife.
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Prestige Best Utility Set With Wooden Block

Prestige Limited is an Indian company popular for manufacturing kitchen appliances and cookware. It was owned by Mr. Chandubhai Bhadania in 1999 and became popular as Prestige India. Prestige brand products are high-end brands including Urban Decay, LORAC, GAIN, TERT, Two Faced and more. You can get all the kitchen appliances of India at the best price across India. We choose the Prestige True-Age set as our runner up choice because of its high deformation serrations for everyday food preparation. The set consists of 5 pieces of multiple kitchen knives which falls in the top category of Best Kitchen Knife Set India. All the knives in this set come with different blade sizes and shapes to cut food items differently.  


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