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Why Live In Relationship Experience Is Good For Couples in 2020

Understand 5 things, why couples should stay in a live in relationship before marriage

Live In Relationship is legal in India. Because I think it is necessary to tell it before talking about it. Now if legal recognition has been given then why hesitate to stay in this relationship. Then we will be able to understand how important it is to stay in a live-in with your partner before marriage.

Are you ready for Serious Relationship?

Live in relationship and casual relationship are two different things. Which are prevalent in Metro City. So do not forget to consider live in as a casual relationship. Live in means living a kind of married life before marriage.

It is not necessary to be physical with the partner because it depends on mutual agreement. Anyway, for a serious relationship or strong relationship, only a physical relationship is not necessary. Apart from this, many things need to be understood. Which we should focus on.

  • Never plan for a new relationship live in.
  • Prepare yourself financially and mentally before a live in relationship.
  • Know the laws related to live in relationship. Like- are you both an adult or not? If you are under 18 and 21, do not stay in the live.
  • Make plans to remain in the relationship only after having strong information about permanent address, citizenship etc. apart from loving things about each other.
  • Are you ready for marriage after successful live in relationship?

Think about live in relationship only if the situation between you and your partner is clear about the above. If doing all this only for hookup, then it may not be right to name it live in.

1. Golden opportunity to understand each other closely.

We can never know a lot about someone by meeting together or talking for hours on the phone. For this, it is necessary to spend a long time together. Then we can understand each other well. So when the matter reaches the wedding, think of spending a few months in the live before that. This will allow you to understand better about each other’s other activities.

2. You will get opportunity to know mistakes

The ‘far off dhol suhawan lege’ adage also fits well on a relationship. Because talking affectionately on the phone or in the park, the person feels good. But when we live nearby, we will also be able to know about some of his mistakes. Then you will be able to compare how good and bad this person is in personal life? Can you know these mistakes and live together? To know the answers to such questions one should stay in the live in.

3. How responsible are you two?

Pizza-burgers, biryani ordering or street food cannot cut life. Most partners do this work. But you are going to live with it all your life. So are both of you eligible to take on the responsibilities of daily life? This will be realized only when both of you are together in the morning and night. You will then be able to know whether the two of you are capable of performing the responsibilities of a relationship.

4. How many Comfortables are the two of you together?

It is very important to be comfortable in the relationship. Are both of you able to live with each other as easily as you live while away? Does the relationship start getting boring somewhere? Stay in the Live Inn to know such things. If not comfortable then think ahead.

5. Chance to taste married life before marriage?

Many couples live in a fantasy world. They feel that by living together, Jannat is going to be destined. But for that beautiful moment a healthy relationship will be needed. Marriage does not mean only sex or romance. So, before you get married, taste the ‘married life’ and then decide if you are ready to spend their life?

After being in a live in relationship, tell each other these things

Live In Relationship

After being in a live in relationship, both of you sit together. Then share that moment with each other. Speak with your honesty here. Because if you think of keeping the relationship by lying, then there may be problems later. So speak with an open heart whether you can live together or not.

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